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A P R I L  2 8  2 0 1 1 The next few weekends are going to be just the way I like them – relaxing and filled with family. I’m going to Michigan tonight to see the baby … Continue reading

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DIY T-shirt Shredding

D I Y  T – S H I R T  S H R E D D I N G Happy birthday to me. For my birthday, I do NOT want a shredded t-shirt…the reason being that once I figured out … Continue reading

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April in Central Park

A P R I L  I N  C E N T R A L  P A R K Not too many things beat an awesome spring day in Central Park. After the inevitably long East Coast winter, this time of … Continue reading

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Ginger Margaritas

G I N G E R  M A R G A R I T A S A few weeks ago I visited Meatpacking District hot spot Spice Market. While I love everything I’ve ever had to eat there, I was particularly “wowed” … Continue reading

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Lita Love

L I T A  L O V E April in this city is such a tease, but I was finally able to go out for a stroll in my neighborhood without a jacket. I love this outfit because it is chic … Continue reading

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Going Gaucho

G O I N G  G A U C H O Perhaps it’s my South America-centric academic background talking, but one style has been popping up repeatedly this spring. However obvious it seems to me, I haven’t heard the description that … Continue reading

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A R E P A S Arepas have only been in my life for three years but I feel as though we have a lifelong connection. These round corn “patties” are simple to make and can be filled with all … Continue reading

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