DIY Sparkle Flats

D I Y  S P A R K L E  F L A T S

Happy Monday! Because it is everyone’s least favorite day of the week, I decided to save this über sparkly post for today…because really, who doesn’t need a little sparkle on a Monday morning? I have been hearing about the fantastic-ness of Mod Podge and glitter for ages now, and let me tell you, the combo will not disappoint! After falling in love with these Miu Miu Oxfords, I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself.


  1. For this fun project, you will need something to decorate. I used an old pair of flats that I wore all the time last summer but were in need of some serious love. I had considered revamping a clutch but was ultimately worried about sending sparkles all over my outfit. Also:
  2. Mod Podge (I used about a quarter of an 8 ounce bottle)
  3. Glitter
  4. Adhesive spray (a $3 bottle of Elmer’s multi-purpose spray adhesive worked just fine for me)
  5. A foam brush (for application)

You’ll also want to use newspaper or something to protect the floor. The project isn’t especially messy but it’s best to avoid stray sparkles (unless you like that sorta thang). Moving on…

I started with a pair of old flats I bought last year at Urban Outfitters. You’ll see that in the before image they are distressed, but still perfectly wearable.

Mix the Mod Podge with glitter (be generous with the glitter) and start to apply:

I’ve worked with Mod Podge before, so I wasn’t nervous when I saw that my flats looked like a gluey mess initially. It dries fast and perfectly clear.

After just a few coats of the Mod Podge + glitter mixture, my shoes looked new. I let them dry completely, added a final coat, and then used the finishing spray:

How awesome are these?

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11 Responses to DIY Sparkle Flats

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  2. liz says:

    I’m SO excited to try this. the glitter on my desk has been calling out to me for weeks.

  3. Gianna says:

    Love them! Are those flats suede? Would it work on leather flats as well?

  4. Aunt Jo says:

    I want a pair! Very cool!!!!!!

  5. K says:

    oh wow, these are amazing! I need.

  6. Wags says:

    looks awesome!

  7. Valencia says:

    You know I love flats so you know I love them. I want a pair.

  8. Oriana says:

    I LOVE THESE!!!! There´s no place like home…there´s no place like home….

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