Saturday in SoHo

S A T U R D A Y  I N  S O H O

T by Alexander Wang top, Forever 21 sweater, BB Dakota leather jacket, LF tights, vintage Levi's shorts (via LF Stores), Foley + Corinna purse, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

The area in the following photo (the Silver Towers complex–I was corrected!–, just north of SoHo) reminds me of how vast NYC is (and how whenever I think I’m starting to know it really well, I learn something new). Back in 2007, I lived with a German girl for the summer who was on a mission to soak in everything New York has to offer. She and I became really close, and I began to accompany her all over the city to check out various museums, bars, restaurants, and other sights. One night we were having drinks in the Village and she said she wanted to go check out the Picasso sculpture in the Silver Towers complex. I told her she must be mistaken, there was no Picasso sculpture there, or clearly I would have known about it, having lived blocks from that spot during my years at NYU. She pulled out her guide book, took us to the spot, and proved me wrong then and there. You can see parts of the sculpture in the background of this next picture (or you can view the whole thing here).

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8 Responses to Saturday in SoHo

  1. Teresa says:

    Love this outfit so much

  2. vasya says:

    Your hair is insanely cool

  3. wags says:

    I used to work close by…I love this site in SoHo and I have great memories from there.
    When you will give some fashion tips for guys?

  4. FeFe says:

    I am so clueless with men’s fashion! maybe you can guest blog for me? i suppose i will have to learn soon

  5. Yahwe says:

    never knew about that artwork. and i went to NYU, too!

  6. Christine says:

    LOOOOOOVE the litas!

  7. Susanne (the German NYC-girl) says:

    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog…I feel very honored :-)
    I love your outfit, but then again I always have admired your style. Keep up your work and maybe we can find new exciting spots when I come back in October!!!!!

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