Channeling the 1970′s

C H A N N E L I N G  T H E  1 9 7 0 ‘ S

The West Village is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan. The brownstones are covered in vines and filled with character; the streets are quiet and the shops are quaint. Sometimes I close my eyes, re-open them, and pretend I am in another country. On this particular day, I tried that trick and woke up in another decade instead — the 1970′s, to be exact. The “trick” doesn’t always work how I intend for it to.
Urban Outfitters headband, Zara sweater, ASOS cape, Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans, Matiko boots, Foley + Corinna purse

One pair of boots that magically turns into a second, totally different-looking pair of boots is ALWAYS fine by me!

Can you dig it?

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11 Responses to Channeling the 1970′s

  1. Talia says:

    love your reference to the warriors! so cool

  2. Mariel says:

    Really like outfit the clothes are very nice and I like the boot.
    besos de argentina

  3. olivia says:

    those boots are so cool! really love them

  4. Teresa says:

    the west village is my favorite neighborhood too. have you been to murrays cheese shop omg

  5. Aunt Jo says:

    Interesting – you look like your mom when she came home from England.

  6. Sheneqwa says:

    FeFe you should be a model.

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