Thrifting Silver Trays

T H R I F T I N G  S I L V E R  T R A Y S

I always liked the idea of having beautiful silver serving trays in my home, but I never thought they were something I’d actually be able to afford in my 20′s. I was elated to learn that many thrift stores have hoards of silver or silver plated items that are typically overlooked because of how tarnished and dirty they tend to get. On a recent trip to a local Goodwill, I found some serious gems, all for under $10. I polished them up with silver polish I bought at Duane Reade, and they now serve a variety of different purposes around my apartment.

When I first got these, they were so tarnished that I could barely see the designs on them. Right now they are in need of a polishing (the only down side is that they get dirty pretty quickly), so I will demonstrate some before and after photos below.



The intricate details on this one make it my favorite. In an effort to stay organized, I keep this tray on my dresser (so as not to carelessly cover the dresser with miscellaneous items). Instead, I alternate favorite/visually pleasing accessories and pieces of jewelry on the tray, along with frequently used items (such as cell phones).

I use this one in my bathroom to organize toiletries and beauty objects that serve a daily purpose

***Note that these particular items are just silver plated; genuine sterling silver items always come with markings (S/S and Sterling are a couple of examples of how they might be marked). Either way, they are all lovely and unique!

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8 Responses to Thrifting Silver Trays

  1. Van says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Love the results. And silver is in so much abundance at Goodwill, so this is a useful post indeed :)

  2. Teresa says:

    seriously awesome idea

  3. Christine says:

    I am going to goodwill right now!

  4. Tavi says:

    HI FEFE!!!! whats up the scarf thing is so awesome

  5. Wags says:

    Ana just saw my designed bracelet on the silver plate… how important I felt…

  6. Tonia says:

    I haven’t tried this product. I’ve used bar keepers friend which works like magic as well. Love those trays!

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