Wall Stenciling

W A L L  S T E N C I L I N G

I came to a realization a few weeks ago. Ready? Here goes: I’m never. moving. again. Luckily, I don’t have to, because I spent weeks painting every square inch of my new place with a carefully thought out color palette and intricate finishing touches. Perhaps my favorite detail is the stenciled accent wall in my bedroom. I’m thrilled that I can write that and mean it because the process of stenciling that wall nearly caused my boyfriend to terminate our relationship. Kidding…kind of.

In my last apartment I painted vertical stripes on one wall for visual interest. Stripes, stencils, and painted details are a great option for renters as they often give the illusion of wallpaper, but are easy to paint over once the lease is up.

I bought my stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. If you decide to give this project a try I would highly suggest ordering the stencil essentials kit, which includes a small, dense roller and a paint level that attaches to the stencil. It also comes with a brush that I found pretty useless. Instead, I’d go with a basic foam brush. Additionally, you’ll need your paint colors, painter’s tape and paper towels.

I started in a spot that allowed me continue along in a straight line without interruptions (such as trim or sockets) like so:

The stenciling itself takes longer than you might imagine. Once I finished the first section (using the level to ensure that it was perfectly straight), I moved left along the wall. To be certain that the pattern was perfectly aligned, I taped the stencil over one fully finished column of the design. This does slow down the process quite a bit. Furthermore, each time I loaded the paint roller, I made sure that there was a perfect amount of paint by rolling over some paper towels before moving to the wall. If there is too much paint, be prepared for it to seep behind the stencil, which can be tricky to touch up.

After 50 or so hours (you think I’m joking…) the wall was nearly complete. I saved the tops and edges for last since they are the trickiest. This is where the foam brush I mentioned comes in handy. You’ll likely have to bend the stencil into the corners of the wall, in which case a roller won’t allow you to be detailed enough.

SO WORTH IT. Am I right or am I right? After all that, making the bed was just too much to ask.

I’d highly recommend this project on a smaller accent wall. If you’re really ambitious (or naive – as I was), the results are fantastic, but a large wall = a serious time commitment.

P.S. my camera was packed away during the move, hence the über poor quality of the first two photographs. OOPSIES.

Stay tuned for more apartment updates! Hint: chalkboard paint and an homage to my vertical wall stripes.

*Edit* I’m as OCD on my blog as I am in real life. I made the bed:

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6 Responses to Wall Stenciling

  1. sara says:

    just saw this on pinterest home decor. how u had the patience to do this is beyond me. but it looks amazing, can i hire u lol

    • Keico says:

      bet it would work! In fact originally I was planning on using either drop cloths or burlap but just ended up using curtains I had.My advice would just to ensure you tape everything down to prevent shifting since drop cloths have a rough texture to them. please let me see if you end up making them!

  2. trixie says:

    you must have lost your mind in the Hudson. it looks incredible!

  3. Gianna says:

    Wow- talent, determination and beauty all wrapped up in one package! And I love the wall, too! Your Mama must be so proud!

  4. Joanne says:

    Hmmm I have a bedroom wall where I would like golf balls stenciled. Can you do this for your favorite auntie?

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