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Pipe Bookshelf

F I L E D  U N D E R :  T H I N G S  T O  D O  T H I S  W E E K E N D I’ve had this one bookmarked for almost a … Continue reading

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Wall Stenciling

W A L L  S T E N C I L I N G I came to a realization a few weeks ago. Ready? Here goes: I’m never. moving. again. Luckily, I don’t have to, because I spent weeks painting … Continue reading

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Channeling the 1970′s

C H A N N E L I N G  T H E  1 9 7 0 ‘ S The West Village is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan. The brownstones are covered in vines and filled with character; the streets are … Continue reading

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No-carb Lasagna

N O – C A R B  L A S A G N A My colleagues thought I was nuts when a few weeks ago, I left work saying I was going to Bread TriBeCa to try their no-carb lasagna … Continue reading

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Saturday in SoHo

S A T U R D A Y  I N  S O H O The area in the following photo (the Silver Towers complex–I was corrected!–, just north of SoHo) reminds me of how vast NYC is (and how whenever I … Continue reading

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Outdoor Dining Season

O U T D O O R  D I N I N G I typically blog a recipe on Tuesdays, but thought it necessary to have a post in celebration of the start of my favorite season – that is, … Continue reading

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April in Central Park

A P R I L  I N  C E N T R A L  P A R K Not too many things beat an awesome spring day in Central Park. After the inevitably long East Coast winter, this time of … Continue reading

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Lita Love

L I T A  L O V E April in this city is such a tease, but I was finally able to go out for a stroll in my neighborhood without a jacket. I love this outfit because it is chic … Continue reading

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Lincoln Center in the Snow

L I N C O L N  C E N T E R  I N  T H E   S N O W These pics were taken a while back (note snow in the background), but the NY weather is … Continue reading

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